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Yup, deal-breaker for me. Fixed that! Fortunately, I backed my library up right before installing iTunes Note that any new songs, apps, etc. When the downgrade was complete, I simply copied them back in. Back up your iTunes Library. Now you need an iTunes Download it from Apple here.

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Delete iTunes There are different ways to do this. One is to use an app called AppZapper. The method that worked for me was this: Open Terminal. Now we have to reinstall iTunes Download Pacifist and run it. Choose the Open Package option. Browse to the iTunes Be careful here! Not sure yet. I can confirm it works on El Capitan. I imagine the same thing will apply to Sierra.

How To Downgrade iTunes On Your Mac?

Shut down 2. Hit enter. Seems you cannot change PrivateFrameworks in Sierra, so I suppose no. Reports from a user in the comments say my instructions work on But you have to disable SIP to modify the Private framework folder, etc.. To disable SIP: Thank you Chris! You saved my life from the iTunes This method also works on macOS Do you know how to do this hack on Sierra?

I retitled folder to CoreFP2. I uninstalled apps for all login items to no avail, and upgraded to Sierra as last resort which fixed the issue as well as horrible issues in El CRapitan with external HDs. Check that you renamed it correctly. I just tested it again and it worked fine.

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With your extracted by Pacifist: If you still get the folder try this: Tunes 12 to iTunes But—hate to ask—do you think this or something similar will also work for a bigger downgrade—like down to iTunes 6….?? For El Cap or Sierra? It might.

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That is why the instructions specify Pacifist 3. So, will Pacifist 3.

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Everything was going great up until Step 5, the CoreFP. Apparently, the. The Pacifist 3. I also downloaded iTunes 9. SIP only applies to the system currently running. Why do you need to enable the root user? I am trying to installed itunes Im intensively bound to iTunes My music library contains more than albums with about But much more.

The music I manage with this system contains more than hours of work and more than 3. It is a nightmare for me to see that my Mac with OS So i decide to go El Capitan Version Since some days I fight to get my Your description to downgrade is now my last chance I see to get the tings running. Now i get stuck on page 19 of 29 in You phantastic description.

Next, if you want, you can delete the new iTunes. You'll have to do this with the Terminal, since the Finder won't let you modify it. I personally kept it around, but renamed it to help prevent accidentally opening it with Quicksilver otherwise, it will "upgrade" your iTunes library files again, and they will become unusable with iTunes I personally ran. I don't know if this will make it reappear in the App Store.

If so, you'll have to be careful to not reinstall it there. Apparently you can't disable WiFi Sync except with iTunes. So you'll want to do this in iTunes 11 before you downgrade. There is no apparent way to do it on the iPad itself. And you can't do it in iTunes 10 if it thinks your device is broken unless you restore the device first, which is a bad idea. I guess I should figure out how to make syncing work in iTunes 10, or else I will continue to be blasted with messages that my iPad is broken every ten minutes.

Also, I get some error about the store each time I open iTunes.

How to downgrade from iTunes 11 to version 10.7 on your Mac

It's annoying, but I haven't noticed anything that doesn't work. The store seems to work I didn't try buying anything, but it loads anyway. The error you get is A friend got the same error when I tried to downgrade to He did not receive my warning in time, and upgraded. You need to reinstall OS X and reinstall iTunes The error you receive is a major problem because you cannot authorize the Mac through iTunes anymore.

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  7. Try it and you get another error saying it can't be authorized. So iTunes 11 really jacks up the system and going back is impossible without an OS reinstall. To restore the itunes related components I removed iTunes 11 as root then restored itunes Apply administrator privileges, you have to confirm each action to be sure.

    After all restore permissions, reboot, restore your library. You may have to delete some caches, preferences related to the iTunes-Store. Resign and assign again. In general, you should have a backup before installing a new version as well as one immediately after installing the new version so you can simply restore your system from that backup if you find the new application is not to your liking or has bugs or breaks some other piece of software.

    Yes, this is time consuming, but many updates also come with helper applications, frameworks so you can't just restore the older version of the program. Also, iTunes literally modifies the library and database and saves the old library in a special folder just in case you need that older file for when you restore the system to where it was before the update. I'm sure someone will pick apart every file the iTunes installer actually changed and do the technical work to show how you can avoid using your backup, but I haven't done that work yet or seen someone blog about how to do this.

    I am sure we'll get an answer here since I know a lot of people that are going to resist for good reason the changes to iTunes and choose to not use it temporarily or permanently. Also - if you have AppleCare - you can just call Apple for help in rolling back this update. A visit to the genius bar is also worth doing if you either don't have a backup or are not comfortable with restoring your whole system.

    Wish you never upgraded to iTunes 11 last November? Now you can roll back.

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